About Pastorus
Pastorus is developing drugs to treat disorders of the central nervous system, with oxytocin as a lead drug.  Oxytocin has been and is currently being used successfully at several leading academic medical centers to treat autism, schizophrenia and addiction.  Pastorus is translating advances at these medical centers into improved, patent-protected products with a team that has extensive industry and entrepreneurial experience.

Pastorus Team
The Pastorus team (both internal and external) has competent, successful scientists and professionals who have worked together on a previous, successful biotechnology company.  The core team consists of three MD/PhD neuroscientists, each with over 20 years of industry experience.  The extended team includes advisors responsible for developing some of the leading drugs currently on the market.

Core team

Glenn Cornett, MD, PhD (chief executive, chairman, founder) has worked at McKinsey, Eli Lilly, Los Alamos National Laboratory, at his own consulting firm and as a biotechnology entrepreneur. He has worked on structuring and valuation of pharmaceutical deals driving $1 billion in value. He earlier founded and led Navitas, a biotechnology company that had a successful exit in 2008, 3 ½ years after it was founded. He enjoys exercise (karate black belt; 14 marathons) and music (composition, performance and production).  In 2012, he founded Spectrum, a modern music venue that has presented over 2,000 events in New York City.  He has a neuroscience PhD (UCLA) and an MD (with Distinction in Research, U. Michigan).

Jay Kranzler, MD, PhD, is Chief Medical Officer and a board member.  Recently a Vice President at Pfizer responsible for licensing and corporate venture investments, he spent 25 years as a CEO of publicly-traded biotech companies, has run several clinical trials programs and successfully launched a drug (milnacipran) for fibromyalgia.  Earlier, Dr. Kranzler played a critical role in helping Drs. Cornett and Page secure Navitas’ licensing deal with Gilead.  He holds an MD and a  PhD in neuropharmacology from Yale, and is currently CEO of Regenovation, a regenerative medicine company, and Executive Chairman of Methylation Sciences, a company focused on development of a novel anti-depressant.

Srinivas Rao, MD, PhD, is a board member and Advisor. He is Chief Medical Officer at Depomed (NASDAQ:DEPO), a publicly-traded company focused on neuroscience products.  Earlier, he worked on opportunities to treat autism with oxytocin-like drugs, including starting a company—Kyalin—focused on the treatment of autism.  He has been an advisor to the Simons Foundation for Autism Research (SFARI) and is presently on the Board of the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR), a San Diego-based nonprofit whose aim is to improve autism awareness and provide vocational training for individuals with autism in the local community.  Dr. Rao has a personal interest in autism, having two children on the autism spectrum. As such, he is both highly experienced and motivated to develop and launch an effective treatment for autism. During off-hours he enjoys skiing, cars (working on them, tracking them), and photography.  His MD and neuroscience PhD were earned at Yale.

Other board members

Hannah Page Bell has experience in neuroscience research with oxytocin.  She is the daughter of Jim Page, MD, JD, who co-founded Pastorus with Glenn Cornett.